Pasture raised, No added hormones, No routine antibiotics

All smoked meats are really hickory smoked (NOT "smoke flavor added").

Pork is sold by the cut, frozen at the butcher's, clearly labeled with cut and weight, and vacuum packed in clear plastic.

We also sell Freezer Pork (whole or half) by hanging weight direct from the butcher.

SMOKED-CURED PORK CUTS (hickory smoked)

  Canadian bacon (sliced, fully cooked) (~0.5 lb.)


  Jowl bacon (thinly sliced) (~1 lb.)


  Bacon (thinly sliced) (~1 lb.)


  Mini ham (boneless, fully cooked) (~2 lbs.)


  Deli sliced ham (fully cooked) (~1 lb.)


  Ham steak (fully cooked) (~0.8-1.4 lbs.)


  Ham hocks (fully cooked) (~1.5 lbs.)




  Pork tenderloin filet (2/pkg. ~0.4 lbs.)


  Boneless pork loin chops (2/pkg. ~0.9 lb.)


  Pork loin chops (2/pkg. ~1 lb.)




  Pork tenderloin (1/pkg. ~1.75 lbs.)


  Boneless pork shoulder roast (~2.5 lbs.)


  Pork shoulder roast (~2.75 lbs.)



SAUSAGE  (pork, salt, pepper, sage)

  Pork Brats  (4/pkg. ~1 lb.)


  Pork breakfast links (12/pkg. ~0.85 lb.)


  Pork breakfast patties (8/pkg. ~1 lb.)


  Pork bulk sausage (~1 lb.)




  Baby back ribs (~1 lb.)


  Ground pork (~1 lb.)


  Spare ribs pork (~3.5 lbs.)




  Caul fat (~0.7 lb.)


  Leaf lard (~1.5 lbs.)


  Fat back (~5 lbs.)


  Cooking Lard (4 lbs.)



FREEZER PORK (Whole, Half) Save money and customize your order

We sell whole and half freezer pork by appointment:
PORK (Whole or Half):    $5.00/lb. Rail Weight plus butchering cost

Interested in buying Freezer Pork? Here's how it works:
  • We make a butcher appointment (which may need to be made months ahead of time), then deliver the animal to the butcher on that date.
  • By that appointment date, the butcher will need cutting instructions from you. (They need the instructions right away because pork doesn't hang in the cooler for a while like beef and lamb.) Cutting instructions can be confusing if you haven't done it before, but they walk you through it. For example, how big do you want the roasts, do you want any soup bones, do you want all roasts boneless, do you want butcher paper or vacuum pack (plastic)?
  • The day after the appointment, we call the butcher and get the hanging weight (of the halves hanging in the cooler). We would then email you the total due us, and you send a check to us right away or pay by credit card.
  • Of the hanging weight, there is further waste (trimmings and bones). This can vary quite a bit based on the cutting. (For example, all ground meat would be fewer pounds than including all bone-in roasts and soup bones.) When all of the cutting and packaging is done, the butcher calls you and you go pick up your frozen packages of meat and pay the butcher his charges.

Freezer Pork dollars and yield information:
  • Live weight for pork is usually 260 lbs. or so, so let's assume that weight in our whole pork example.
  • Hanging (Rail) weight for pork is typically 75% of live weight, so the hanging weight is 195 lbs. for our whole pork.
  • Payment to the farmer is $5.00/lb. of hanging weight. (If you get Half pork, the same price per pound applies to half of the hanging weight.) So, hypothetically, for cost, you've got 195 lbs. x $5.00 = $975.00 paid to the farmer (us).
  • Payment to the butcher varies depending on the the butcher, cutting instructions, and hog weight; probably $200 or so for this hypothetical whole hog. (If you get Half pork, the butcher price will be roughly half of the whole pork butcher cost.)
  • Total cost (payment to the farmer plus payment to the butcher) is $1,175.00 in our whole pork example.
  • Packaged meat weight for our hypothetical whole hog might be around 140 lbs.
  • Therefore, the Cost per pound of the packaged meat is $8.39/lb. (for pork chops as well as sausage!).

For more information, please contact us.

Prices subject to change without notice.
Weights are approximate and per package.
All cuts subject to availability.

Revised:  06/05/2014