Not just organic, Not just cage free, but PASTURED Hens!

Eggs are sold by the dozen and have brown, white or greenish blue shells (depending on the breed of the hen). Yolks are a deep orange color, showing a high beta carotene content.

Eggs are fresh from our free range hens on pasture fed organic grain.

EGGS from FREE RANGE HENS on Pasture

  Multicolored eggs: Brown, white, and green-blue (depending

        on breed) from free range hens fed organic grain







Pasture raised, Fed grass and organic grain

Chicken is vacuum packed or packaged in a plastic bag.


Our whole chickens weigh approximately 4 lbs.  Cost is $6.00/lb.
(Let us know if you would like the giblet packet.)



  Boneless skinless breasts (2/pkg. ~1 lb.)


  Split breasts (2/pkg. ~1.3 lbs.)


  Chicken Patties(4/pkg. ~2 lbs.)


  Sweet Italian Sausage(4/pkg. ~1.3 lbs.)


  Hot Italian Sausage(4/pkg. ~1.3 lbs.)


  Bulk Ground Chicken (~1 lb.)


  Thighs (2/pkg. ~0.8 lb.)


  Wings (~10/pkg. ~1 lb.)


  Drumsticks (2/pkg. ~0.5 lb.)


  Chicken livers (~1 lb.)


  Meaty backs for stock (3/pkg. ~4 lbs.)



For more information, please contact us.

Prices subject to change without notice.
Weights are approximate and per package.
All cuts subject to availability.

Revised:  06/05/2014