Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the farm located?

We are in central Ohio, about an hour north-northeast of Columbus, about 15 minutes north of Mount Vernon, and about 2 hours south-southwest of Cleveland.

Why is the farm named Fox Hollow Farm?

There are two valleys on the farm. Soon after we bought the property, some neighbors told us these two valleys were named Little Fox Hollow and Big Fox Hollow. Naming the farm Fox Hollow Farm came naturally!

Can we visit the farm?

Yes! We have an open farm, but please schedule ahead so we can greet you!

Why did you decide to farm?

Bruce's family farmed for a short time when he was a small boy and he has always had an interest in it. After Lisa and Bruce were married and had each spent years working in the corporate America environment, they decided that starting a farm would be a wonderful way to live a healthier life, provide a great opportunity for learning and growing for the family they wanted to have, and would enhance the local community, not only with their naturally raised meat but also with the dollars they would spend maintaining the farm.

Do you have a store at the farm?

Not as such, but we welcome you to come to the farm to pickup meat and eggs. For speedier service, place your order before arriving and choose the Farm Pickup option.

Where do you sell?

We sell our products at farmers' markets and local-foods stores in the central Ohio area, and directly from the farm.
Farmers' Markets in central Ohio:
  • Clintonville farmer’s market in the Columbus area - May through mid November 9 AM - to Noon on Saturdays;
  • Other options:
  • Direct Pickup from the Farm - You are welcome to place an order with us and arrange a time to come pick it up from the farm yourself. Contact us for more information, or place an order.
  • Buyer’s Clubs- these are drop off sites located throughout Columbus. Interested in finding one near you or becoming a host? Contact us!
  • City Folks Farm Shop has our meat and eggs on the shelves and seasonal products throughout the year.

Can you ship?

No. We no longer do shipping orders because of the cost. However, we will be happy to bring a special order in to one the stores at which we sell.

Is your meat grass-fed only?

The beef and lamb are grass fed AND finished (no grain at all). The pork and chicken are moved frequently to new pasture and also have access to certified organic grain.

Do you use antibiotics?

In rare cases, we will treat a sick animal with an antibiotic (the appropriate treatment for infection and the care of the animal). WE DO NOT feed the animals subtherapeutic antibiotics as is apparently done in many feedlots (which may have contributed to antibiotic resistance). We also do NOT give our animals any growth or other hormones, for their well-being as well as our customers' well-being.

What's the minimum order?

We welcome orders of all sizes!

How do I order?

Head on over to our order page, and fill out it. We'll pack the order and send you the total, then have the order ready for you at the agreed upon location.