Moving pigs

About this time of year, as the pigs
are about ready for market, we move them to the hoophouses where they can enjoy more warmth and protection. They enjoy their plush hay-strewn habitat and cohabitate happily with the hens.

Considering Red Wattle hogs

We are considering another new operation here on the farm. Last week I went to visit 1000 Hill Acres farm run by Mark and Tory Reed. They have a number of different ventures underway including a herd of Red Wattle Hogs.

Red Wattles are a breed of pig believed to be extinct until they were rediscovered in the wilds of Texas. They are calm and good at foraging for their own feed and both hardy and tasty! I hope that soon we may have our own Red Wattle hogs and try breeding them ourselves. They will be more self-sufficient than our current feeder pigs and can hopefully live happier, healthier lives as a result. One more step on the path to greater sustainability.