Draft horses arrive

The Haflinger draft horses, Andy and Ray, have made their arrival at Fox Hollow Farm and Chelsea and I have been working them every chance we get! Both horses are 12 years old (late 50s for a horse) and benefit from the frequent exercise, especially Andy who has some joint pain. Today we hitched up the cart and went driving through the woods on some of the farm’s most remote and exciting logging roads. Andy and Ray handle the rough terrain beautifully and we hope to start harvesting more firewood with their help next week. At the Winter Farm Pickup day in February we hope to also give wagon rides around the farm with Andy and Ray’s help. The two young fillies we are also horse sitting, Clementine and Cordelia, will also be on display.

Skidding logs with draft horses

We have arranged for an opportunity to house two Haflinger draft horses, Andy and Ray,
here at Fox Hollow Farm over the winter this year. We have also been learning to drive draft horses with the help of some local experts. We hope to use draft horses in the future but want to try it out first. Here we are skidding logs out of the woods to cut into firewood nearer the house.

This week holds many firsts for Fox Hollow Farm

Dante Valvo, our summer intern, started today and hit the ground running. The farrier came to take Molly and Polly’s shoes off and trim their feet (they were not happy with the process). Today we also took the first batch of chickens to Pleasant Valley Poultry Processing. Taking birds to this business instead of butchering them ourselves will give us more options for when and where to sell them and hopefully save time.

Last, but definitely not least, today Molly and Polly pulled something other than a wagon for the first time. We got out our new Pioneer Homesteader with the cultivator attachment and practiced in preparation for weeding the potatoes. The process required learning and patience from everybody but by the end we were starting to get the hang of it. By the end of the summer we hope to be harvesting potatoes with the horses!